Ben Higgins

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Ben is a recent graduate with a broad range of design experience gained through industry placements. He spent his university placement year working for the Virtual Works in Skipton. Among multiple other projects he created a sideboard, dining table and other furniture pieces for a range named Substation, starting out with the clients brief and used sketching, Solidworks CAD and GA drawings to build a range with its own design language and originality. While at the Virtual Works he also collaborated with a colleague to establish a rendering workflow for the business using 3Ds Max and Vray, going on to create multiple photorealistic furniture renders for different clients. Duo is a locking quickdraw for use in Sport rock climbing. An innovate locking mechanism eliminates the need to ‘unlock’ the carabiner gate – the clipping process remains exactly the same as a normal carabiner. When the rope is clipped in, the gate locks automatically preventing unwanted gate opening during the climb – the risk caused by a back-clipped carabiner. Duo is quick to unlock and re-set when descending the rock face and weighs no more than an existing quickdraw.




(PDF – 168.04 KB)