Ethan Barker

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Ethan is a fun and outgoing designer who develops innovative solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach. During his time on placement year, he worked at Martech UK Ltd as a luminaire designer and moved to Denmark to become a model designer for Lego System A/S. While at both companies he developed strong design and inter-personal skills, releasing multiple products to market at both. Entertainment is at the front of his mind with a wide range of design interests, ranging from designing and producing his own board games, creating 3D miniatures to branding and kit creation for his ultimate frisbee team. He is always looking for the next thing to design to create an enjoyable experience for those around him as bringing people together is at his core. Ethan’s major project was focused on this principle, specifically for children and families who experience separation anxiety. This led to the development of Hüggl, an inter-communicating system of cuddly plush toys which are used to ease separation anxiety and connect loved ones when apart through sensory stimulation. When a Hüggl is hugged and activated, this triggers any other Hüggl’s ‘heart’ via their shared network, letting a loved one know you are thinking of them.




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