Maria Khan

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Maria Khan is a driven designer that aims to make a difference to the world and everyone around her one design at a time. As technology develops so does Maria’s creative mind. That’s why she implements the developing technology into her designs – such as QUUAD. She admires the concept to design phase such as CAD work as it is the moment where her designs come to life and may be the design that makes a change. Colour, creativity and captivating are only three of the things she aims to represent in her designs. Being surrounded by multiple cultures she aims to apply diversity and inclusivity while being able to understand how product may be applied and manoeuvred in different cultural settings. She has taken part in a multitude of projects – including outside of university. Such as working on the packaging for companies and being a junior designer for the clothing brand Abel&Cain Co. These experiences took her love for art to the next level allowing her to explore different aspects in her field. The project presented aims to be a smart way to manoeuvre around urban tight areas, a way to carry storage and increase mobility.




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