Ruth Hutchinson

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Ruth Hutchinson is a recent graduate who has over one years’ worth of placement experience. Skills gained from this including creating and following brand guidelines for multisite companies, inhouse and outhouse design and publication, and logo and brand design. Ruth’s final year project was ‘Airflo’ which is a laundry drying product that uses retractable lines to give the user flexible drying space. The product also features wide grips to be used with closed fingers. Easy line attachment lets the user move the line to the next pole in one motion. This product is designed with those with limited mobility in mind as the user can be sat whilst interacting with this product and no wasted space. The modular system of this product means the user can make many different arrangements of the drying area. It is accompanied by wide grips for the user to easily attach laundry to the line with. The grips can be used with closed fingers. The design features a retractable line that allows the length of the product to change. The nylon line as part of the retractable mechanism allows the line to be locked into place once the poles have been set up.



Design Portfolio

(PDF – 5.18 MB)