Caitlin Barton

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

Caitlin Barton is a product designer that generates user-centric design solutions that create memorable experiences for consumers. During her time on Enterprise Placement year, Caitlin developed a wider skill set in business development, where she developed a children’s subscription craft box company that focussed on nurturing a child’s creativity rather than being limited by strict instructions. Caitlin enjoys working with stakeholders at every stage of the design process, her time at the University of Huddersfield has allowed her to develop her interpersonal skills and incorporating the user feedback into her design solutions. Lena, her final major project, focusses on providing a solution for pruritus (itchy skin) sufferers. She was inspired by her family members lifelong struggle with eczema, and wanted to provide a soothing device that helps to reduce scratching and skin damage. Lena is a discrete customisable itch relief device that allows users with pruritus to control, track and soothe their skin. It provides a stylish alternative to skin irritation relief and the structure of Lena acknowledges that every users itch, skin and condition is different, allowing users to choose their “pods” that feature different functions suitable for them.




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