Dipo Olaosun

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

With a Human-centred and hands-on approach, Dipo conceptualise a range of creative ideas to develop functional yet aesthetically attuned products. He has worked as a freelance designer on various projects. With aptitude in programming as an experienced web developer, Dipo amalgamates digital experiences with physical products. He has gained knowledge in medical device design working within the design team at Paxman scalp coolers as a Product Designer. Where he as further and now extended to work for the Research and Development department.

For his final year project he tackled the frustration surrounding sports related injuries amongst high performance athletes. Developing a commercially viable product in process of negotiations with industry partners.

Sense is a wearable wearable smart garment device which gathers a multitude of metrics to monitor internal biofeedback biomechanical data of an elite level athlete, utilised to detect potential injuries or adversely track the rehabilitation process surrounding a knee injury (prospected to cover more). Sense uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse metrics to deliver objective data driven insights rather than depending on subjective methods that are deemed less accurate, presented in simple digestible Interface, to mainly empower both the athlete and physiotherapists/sport scientist to make actionable informed decisions.