Ismaeel Mir

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

A singular module that can be placed together with other identical modules to build the framework of furniture. The modules are placed together and fastened to build different pieces of furniture based on the user. Modula provides multiple opportunities to create the required use, providing a more affordable furniture solution where style is not compromised and building products ranging from tables, chairs, and sofas. Simple to use, no need for glues, using pins to hold it together, easy assembly and reassembly for repeated use when change is desired.

This design stemmed from the massive, yet hidden, issue of furniture poverty. Many people cannot afford basic household goods which would provide a decent quality of life. The main users affected are those in council homes, due to the spaces being unfurnished and the inability to afford basic household items. If items were provided by furniture banks they were restricted in style and size choice.