Katie Hunter

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

PEBBLE is a wellbeing monitoring device, to help organisations keep track of the workforce wellbeing and morale, and for employees themselves to track their statistics via an app.
The PEBBLE has four buttons, each a different colour and texture. They each represent a feeling:
Employees press these buttons frequently throughout the day and can sync up the buttons themselves through the app, so their PEBBLE is unique to them. Therefore, no one else knows what feeling they’re choosing. The PEBBLE gives the option to use the product out in the open or more discreetly, for those who are very private or less comfortable to talk. With the different textures, the user can feel for the right button without their sight.
The app allows employees to view their statistics and receive advice on wellbeing. The self-help information is driven by the app’s algorithm, so it will be anonymous. The app also promotes a support telephone and email address for those who want to talk. They can also join anonymous chat rooms with others who share the same overall feeling. The software gives employers access only to a bird’s eye view of their organisation’s overall wellbeing and morale.