Luke Wagstaff

Product Design BA/BSc (Hons)

THRU is an innovative development on current wall scanner products used in the home improvement/ DIY sector. The product utilises an updated UI operated by touchscreen to show a much clearer contents of the wall being scanned, by showing a 2D graphic of any wires, pipes, or wall studs that are behind the wall, using a pulse that detects changes in density behind the wall to reveal what and where the obstruction is, in an attempt to bridge the gap between an industry professional and a home user. This device concentrates on ease of use for the user by offering a horizontal handle protruding from the base of the device, in a much more ergonomic orientation for the user to hold comfortably, as well as silicone base panels to protect the wall from scratches when the product is in use. The combination of updated features on THRU allows the user to be much safer when scanning a wall before breaching, as current models often struggle to detect exact placements and give a more general position when scanning. For more information feel free to contact via my contact details available on the attached CV.




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