Abbie Lumby

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

My artistic practice is inspired by my journey to self-acceptance, ignited from enrolling in pole dancing classes. I work in diverse mediums including video, painting, drawing, and photography, all of which are connected by a performative pole-dance practice. My performances and videos are informed by personal experiences, in addition to my research which suggests pole-dance enables women to appreciate their bodies through empowerment. I aim to test this theory through my work by communicating a personal evolution of how pole dancing impacts my sense of self and body image positively.
In a supportive female environment, we have a safe space to experiment with our bodies. Each time we fail, we pick ourselves up, build our strength, and we fail better. Success enables us to feel proud, in turn empowering us to push harder. The result, we accept our bodies and appreciate what they can do.
My journey to self-acceptance is ongoing, however, I do believe that pole dancing will continue to change the negative perceptions which I have of myself. Eventually, I believe this will allow me to perform in public places so I can show the benefits of pole and diminish the separation between forms of pole-dance.