Kathryn Smith

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

My practice centres around my personal faith, with a lot of my projects exploring my Christianity. Drawing is integral to my way of working, that can be prayerful, or cathartic. I create work based on my personal bible study, using the drawing process to spend an extended amount of time meditating on those scriptures; the physical act of putting pen to paper working as in a journal, creating a space for reflection and digestion of ideas.

Drawing is a way for me to find ideas, open up stories and develop ways of mark-making, with printmaking as a conclusion to that process. I work with linocut, which involves drawing, tracing, drawing again, cutting, then printing repetitively; a kind of repetitive, devotional practice. Risograph printmaking has become a new interest of mine, which allows for greater experimentation with colour and texture, and to bring elements of my drawing practice into play with linocut work.

Recent work has taken on an element of didactic story-telling. Iā€™m interested in visualising scripture, and Bible illustration and devotional drawing and printing will form a major part of my future practice. I aim to take on illustrating the Bible, as well as creating my own illustrated stories.



Kathryn Smith Artist Statement

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