Stacey Colclough

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

Using film and sound I aim to immerse a viewer into any state the work dictates. As the foundations of my practice explore autobiographical inflictions, the state the viewers often embark on is discomfited and apprehensive. My films are a representation of the perspective of my mind, exploring both inner and outer realities of abuse and misogyny. Moving through life as a victim of abuse, bearing the weight, my films allow the viewer to comprehend the reality of the permanence of infliction. Most importantly the films offer other victims a crutch, a sense of understanding, you may not sense my story within my short films, but you may reflect on your own. Along with autobiographical inflictions, humour has always been a backbone to my practice, not necessarily within this project and these films, but within other projects and artworks I have created. It allows me to communicate and connect with my work and the viewer in a positive way. Using humour to expose absurd gender stereotypes, to make a mockery of the ridiculous society fed norms surrounding gender and identity.