An Miyakozawa

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

I would define my practice through this artist statement, ‘Juxtaposing personal nostalgia and openness, my work investigates the in-between state of the real and ideal, opening up awareness and space for understanding the intangible. Carpeted with brilliant colours and vivid shapes, my paintings explore the beauty of fragility in human emotions, offering a contemplative experience to connect and reconnect, reminding oneself of joy, and finding comfort and peace from moments in every day.’ My paintings entail joy and playfulness. I paint to revisit moments in everyday and from memories. I see that as the starting point of each painting in which I explore with what can be built upon them. By exploring a variety of painting styles and colours, I am allowing the sense of spontaneity to flow through the series. As I paint, the narrative expands and unfolds. Oftentimes, the paintings are established upon the sense of vulnerability. Through overlapping colours, I construct my identity and language. As the author, I am obtaining pleasure in the making process by submerging myself in the sense of joy and nostalgia.