Helena Tavaci

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

Within my practice there is an exploration of my own Turkish heritage. I investigate the importance of colour, specifically through expressive and physical artistic techniques. Techniques including painting, drawing, sculpture and print making. Working with hand production is particularly fascinating and I use similar techniques as that of my own Turkish ancestors. Within my practice, there is an exploration of the authenticity and uniqueness that comes with hand production. Even when something is copied, it will never be exactly the same. My practice is greatly influenced by mapping, aerial views and the environment. Particularly how this relates to pattern, colour and shape. The work has significance to my own Turkish culture and memories, with influences from Turkish folk art, pottery and craft using varied materials. The inclusion of symbols is very present within my work. Particularly the evil eye, a talisman used to give spiritual protection. This use of symbolism references my own memories of Turkish culture and landscape. A culture that I am disconnected from whilst living in the UK.