Lucy Burton

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

With words I work whether sensical or not. With words I fly. I fall. I fix. I find. I follow my nose to see what I find. Make with little though. Because instinct knows what. What to do. Where to go. What to say. By listening to that voice. And hearing the way. Feeling the way. Trusting myself to release my words my way. The voice knows more than the conscious mind sees. So believe. And let yourself be revealed. I hear the words. And let thought go. Feel the words. And go with the flow. To a where I do not know. I merely trust my voice to know. With the trust I have. I can go where I want. Work with what I wish. So long as I trust I’ve listened to me in making what you see. My words are how I see. How I understand. How I learn through time. With time. Broaden the reaches of my mind. And acknowledge the feelings forever left behind. Simply put. My work is voicing my mind. Voicing the voices which remain unseen. That want to be heard. That want me to learn. To think. And finally speak my mind.