Samantha Handscomb

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

I’ve always had a connection to the body and its potential to create feelings of discomfort. I found myself struggling to find inspiration at the start of term, until I had an allergic reaction to a skincare product. It left my face rash-covered and sore for a month and so I began to film it in different ways; from different angles and I interacted with it in interesting ways. This visual was combined with strong sounds of breathing, of my hands being rubbed across my skin and other disturbing noises, all combined in a horrible manner making it almost unbearable to be heard. From these clips, I began to create abstract paintings, of the skin, that reflected the sounds and visuals. Originally, I wanted them presented in a dark room, audio blaring out of the speakers, as a badly constructed book; cumbersome to hold, it would be awkward to view the paintings. I will not be able to do this, so I am planning on creating another video, and new audio, that has a similar feel to that of the original videos, but instead, using the paintings as the subject to focus on in the video, heightening the discomforting experience.