Sarah Pennington

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

Hi, I am Sarah Pennington, going by the handle ‘SP Illustrator’ online. I am an aspiring artist and illustrator who enjoys studying aviation and heritage railways within my practice. My passion for aviation and railways has inspired my work continuously from digital drawing to video work. My main inspiration is through 1920’s-1950’s Art Deco posters in which I draw digitally, creating a connection to railway heritage. Through a combination of my personal experiences of railways and my practice, I created a series of posters which I developed into a stop motion animation. The phrases over the top of the images are what has been said to me, as well as my own personal responses. I was later inspired by the poem “Night Mail” by WH Auden, 1936, in which I created my own poem on how I feel about railways from a personal point of view. I wanted to create an ownership of a subject matter that I am passionate and interested in despite the political and sexist matters that occur.