Sian Dobie

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

I came into University with the idea of becoming a painter fixed in my mind but in the past two years, I’ve instead established myself as an innovative artist for crowdsourced art: an obscure form of art that I believe could revolutionize all we think we know about making and viewing art. Last year, I created a voluntary questionnaire asking people ‘What makes you feel connected to the world?’ and unexpectedly gathered 100 anonymous responses, which I then created 100 paintings from. This year, I have developed an extension to last year’s project, and I have instead recreated those 100 paintings from last year digitally and used them to make 100 kaleidoscopic animations, each accompanied by music that I’ve also created. This is the work that you can see on this page. I wanted to focus on creating a digital project to mirror how all of University and daily lifestyle in general had been moved online due to the COVID pandemic. At the same time, it also provided me with the perfect opportunity to improve upon my digital art skillset and knowledge, as I had never created digital art before. For more information, please read the PDF portfolio.