Zarish Butt

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

These digital illustrations are called Zariyah, Adriana and Amaya. I have created a line of digital illustrations which is meant to showcase a range of ethnicities as well as a complex background. Each original character is given a backstory and has been developing throughout many years as part of a world building story. The first woman woman is called Zariyah and she is a Pakistani Muslim who is defying all stereotypes, she is a very powerful and capable woman who often seen punching boundaries. She represents power, self- respect, love, wit and kindness. The next woman is called Adriana who is a South East Asian and is an immortal witch and is seen as an anti-hero, which means someone’s moral compasses often changes whether that is being selfless or selfish. But one thing only matters to her; her family. And if someone threatened that, there would be no greater enemy than Adriana. This character Adriana represents family, strength, cunningness and power. The next character is called Amaya. She is a Pakistani Muslim woman who is breaking the stereotypes set on muslim women, she is constantly challenging others and is often seen as open minded. Amaya represents loyalty, compassion, kindness, creativity, wit and power.