Amy Byard

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

Through the act of painting and drawing, I explore perspectives of domestic spaces and ordinary objects. I use an exaggeration of primary colours which interrogate these spaces and manipulate what we know as a familiar setting. This playful use of colour creates compositions that are uncanny and exist between representational and imaginative perspectives. I draw upon what I see in my surroundings to then inform a new space on my painting surface. This process involves painting bold lines and layering colours and textures to expand upon the expected appearance of an interior space.

My paintings experiment with perspective in a way that presents invitational environments with an ambiguous composition. The imagery is dominated by interior elements that lead onto other spaces - Doors and windows act as apertures into spaces that suggest a new visual world outside of the domestic setting. These constructed spaces have an openness which challenge the conventions of storytelling and meaning.