Isabel Condon

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

Blue Print for Blue Tick Status 

I critically examine celebrity lifestyle Instagrammers’ methods of presentation. My art practice is inspired by my own obsessive relationship with Instagram. I draw attention to the level of fakery routinely enacted on the platform. I find that the unrealistic standard Instagram creates, subsequently makes viewers feel pressure to attain similar levels of perfection. On it, we can all create and broadcast ideal personas and glamorous lifestyles when in fact most of us have little chance of living these levels of perfection in real life. 

By homing in on certain aspects of Instagram, in particular celebrity performance, I reveal the absurd levels of construction in these polished images. I purposely blur the lines between fact and fiction online. My images serve as a reminder to viewers to think critically as they scroll. I also offer tips on how to attain the same levels of visual trickery.