Troy Stansbury

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

I am an artist working in a broad range of media including sculpture, video, and performance. Uniting all my work is an exploration of science fiction.   

Recently, my work has consisted of creating video and audio footage that uses my own recorded clips and audio, and found footage. I then incorporate these into sculptural designs, and performance-to-camera sequences which are staged in the worlds that I build.  

The artwork that I make and science fiction that I write go hand in hand. They consistently overlap and this can be seen in the kinds of research interests that underpin them both. These include the Anthropocene, altruism, progress, regression, the mundane, and the profound.  

In and amongst these research topics I enjoy grappling between being absurd and making sense. For example, I might create a temporally distorted perspective about our relationship with high technology, or even take a position that questions the human position and what our existence is in relation to technology. Or perhaps even constructing a self-critical voice that narrates an entirely speculative train of thought.