Tyla Allis

Contemporary Art and Illustration BA(Hons)

My fabrication brings about themes of displacement and the Other and the lingering effects of migration. How we deal with unwanted change and the othering we experience throughout that journey has always captivated me. The place in which we exist becomes an atopia, a liminality. I investigate the use of space and collect organic and inorganic artefacts, weaving them into my practice to explore ideas of morphing, growing, and shifting. The use of fibre and texture visually identifies how memory and nostalgia are interrupted through a pragmatic nature of material.  

The Atopos is a palpable exploration of the extended mind and of the Other. By juxtaposing cloth with my fabricated flora, I endeavour to contrive a space existing outside of what we know. A space that is transitional in both material and in concept. It exists to encourage movement in the viewer and to assimilate itself with the Otherness of displaced persons.