Elizabeth Lloyd

Contemporary Art BA(Hons)

The primary focus of my art practice is paint pouring. I conduct research and experimentation on the methodology, visual and sensory effects and the process in which a paint pour is created. I record and analyse the paint pours I create, which allows me to gain a further understanding of the process my paintings go through. I use video recording to capture the process of paint pouring as I am interested in the visceral event not the outcome. The process is key within my art practice.

I believe the simplicity of my work strips back the process of painting and provokes a bodily response visually. In addition to this, my work also holds a visually satisfying element of which has close links to ASMR. ASMR is described as a euphoric tingling and sense of relaxation that can come over when someone watches or hears a certain sound they feel is sensually pleasing. Due to the relation my work has with ASMR, my paintings are encouraged to be interacted with creating an immersive experience of which can’t be replicated through a picture.