Lauren Wharf

Contemporary Art BA(Hons)

Lauren Wharf is a multidisciplinary artist, she primarily focuses on life encounters, documenting living in a world where human impact is a constant threat to our environment. Her aim is to challenge the existing social systems and boundaries by working with a range of materials, methods, concepts and subjects.

Wharf’s interests in ecology fuels her curiosity for the way contemporary society impacts how we position ourselves within an environment. Using her own life experiences and considering the narrative behind a place, her projects adopt a conceptual approach, investigating the relationship between a utopian and dystopian world.

Displacement of subjective colour is a key focal point, offering unconventional perspectives through reinterpretation of the existent. Wharf serves as a contemporary interpreter of an evolving world. In a temporal dialogue, that combines structural heritage of the past with demands and dynamics of the present and future prospects, creativity moulds ideas that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary and create innovative visions of the everyday reality.