Poppy-Rose Pope

Contemporary Art BA(Hons)

For this project, I wanted to mainly focus on the body, preferably my own body, representing my own experiences surrounding sexual trauma and the way I have felt when dealing with sexualisation. I use my art practice to address my experiences but to also commend my strength and capacity to overcome, by reinstating personality and individuality of the body, in order to refuse easy sexualisation.

In a way, I want my art to tell my story, to portray emotion, allowing myself to be vulnerable through what I make.

I use colours, shapes and materials in order to represent my experiences and personality through the body. As an artist I believe there is beauty to finding who we truly are as we grow into adults, but there is also a certain sadness to what we endure and the things we cannot get back from our younger, more innocent selves.

My practice is a projection of myself, my life, how I present myself as a person, my emotions, feelings and how my experiences have affected me mentally. Iā€™m showing a dark side to trauma as well as the brighter side to overcoming it, to loving ourselves once again.