Alice Schofield

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

My project is centred around the Old English text, Beowulf by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet. I have created costume and textile designs with my passion lying in illustration. I recognised an analogy between the religious conflicts in both the story of Beowulf and the Tudor period in history. Therefore, this project is set in the Tudor era with influences from the Elizabethan period. I enjoy making bold print textiles which work well for a theatre performance mode which this project is designed for. I have combined a traditional silhouette with a contemporary bold colour palette to attract a family audience, as well as bringing in fantasy elements of combining animalistic features within some of the villainous character costumes which will be suitable for young children. I enjoy exploring in depth concepts behind my choices for character costumes and textile techniques such as the choice for the lily motif to be the focus of Queen Wealhtheow’s costume. Wealhtheow in the text is described as a loving, pure woman, therefore the lily represented her character as Shakespeare once described the lily as representing purity and innocence. I find research and concept behind design ideas enriching and look forward to a design career.