Amber Swindlehurst

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

My passion lies in design and illustration. This year I have designed for two texts: Rose and the Magician's Mask by Holly Webb for immersive theatre, and The Falconers Knot by Mary Hoffman for film. I primarily worked from historical references as a base for both projects; I then augmented this with more modern influences in order to create a fresh and eye-catching cast line up. Rose and the Magician's Mask, by Holly Webb, tells the story of a primarily English household in Venice’s Masquerade season around the 1850's. Since the book series is aimed at children I drew inspiration from vivacious Japanese street fashion in order to add colour and a contemporary fantasy twist. In contrast, The Falconer’s Knot, by Mary Hoffman, is set in 1300's Italy. I used the influence of nature, such as Peonies, Hydrangea, and Bigroot Geranium to enhance the colour palette and inform my textile motif design to create an original identity for the religious community of characters.
Going forward I hope to undertake an MA in order to further develop my illustration skills.