Lucy Watkiss

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my Final Major Project I created costume and textile designs for ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley.
I recognised a parallel between the opulence and excess of the Georgian era and Victor Frankenstein’s pursuit to create life; both are all-consumed by an unachievable desire. The costume silhouettes are inspired by Georgian portraiture. By electing to clash period silhouette with a contemporary colour palette the intention is to convey the wealth and opulence of the upper-class characters to a modern audience.
The textiles designs are inspired by the Georgian aristocratic trend of keeping menageries as a status-symbol. I enjoy making links between visual imagery and character. For example, the antelope motif in Victor’s textiles reflects his status and his threatening nature as his desire for power increases. The motif depicting an insect devouring a rotting orange represents his own personal deterioration throughout the novel.
In contrast to the dark qualities of Victor’s character, Elizabeth Lavenza’s textile design uses a butterfly motif. The realistic butterflies created using my primary imagery are trapped on cloth, symbolising that, as a woman, Elizabeth is trapped in the domestic sphere. I find creating ideas through delving into research to creating a physical design immensely rewarding and look forward to a design career.