Millie Ann Morrish

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my Final Major Project I chose to design for ‘The Caged Queen’, written by Kristen Ciccarelli, which is set in a fantasy realm. The main themes within the story are love, magic, and betrayal. I am passionate about sci-fi & fantasy in all its forms, be it film, TV, novels, and gaming, and therefore I felt this was the perfect genre for my final year design portfolio. I chose the Design with Textiles pathway because it afforded me complete control over the character designs, both in terms of their silhouette and their textiles. I designed for 12 different characters from the story and you can view a sample of them in this exhibition of work.

My love for costuming comes from my Cosplay background, which is an all-inclusive, diverse community of people passionate about the field of costume and character design. Throughout my experience with Cosplay I have always made costumes and props for myself and this is something I am keen to continue immersing myself in and intend to use it to further develop my creative skills beyond university.