Eleanor Morrish

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final year project, I chose to look at JM Barrie’s play “peter pan”, a favourite since childhood; however, I recontextualised the story to the 1970s, comparing the different groups of characters to British subcultures. Having examined the gender roles in the text through my dissertation, I chose to design for an all-female cast, with aesthetic influences like Laura Ashley, David Bowie, and Halston, combining historical influences with fantasy elements.  

Wanting to explore areas of construction I had not previously worked in, I decided to make a tailored suit inspired by Teddy Boys for Captain Hook, played by a woman, and a punk-inspired costume for Tiger Lily, without the character’s racial stereotyping.  

Completing the project mostly during lockdown encouraged creativity and problem solving, including printing tartan with leather sprays and masking tape, and scrounging materials from a myriad of sources. I experimented with new techniques and materials, such as making armour from worbla, and developed my skills in more traditional construction areas. 

During placement year my experiences included making pantomime costumes at York Theatre Royal and alternative wedding dresses at The Couture Company- I hope to continue to have a varied career, exploring new areas of costume construction.