Sannah Mehmood

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final major project, I chose to design for the script Romeo & Juliet. The book is set in Italy however, for this project I decided to move the setting to India, during the Mughal empire (1526-1857). I chose this performance mode because Bollywood is something, I grew up watching and has always fascinated me. Over the years I have become more enthralled by the glittering scenes and dance performances, particularly by the costumes. I always loved the intricate beading and patterns of traditional Asian clothing. As Romeo and Juliet has been performed many times in theatres, ballets and movies I decided that designing for a Bollywood production would give me the chance to be original. I decided to take the textiles path as it would allow me to build upon my embroidery techniques - which I am passionate about.

For the second year, I was influenced by the book Dracula, to recreate a costume for a female Dracula.

This year has taught me a lot particularly in the aspect of construction and has allowed me to build on my embroidery skills.