Amelia Shortman

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

The two costumes created for my final major project were based on characters from a fantasy series called Red Queen. My two characters are both of royal blood which really allowed me to explore quite opulent and rich embroidery techniques as well as dramatic silhouettes and a running theme of armour. Over the course of my project, I wanted to explore a more unconventional approach to costume construction. To achieve this, I spent a lot of time developing ways I could utilise the laser cutter to create three-dimensional garments. For my female costume, it was always my aim to try to use metal in some way within the bodice, however, this created its own challenges, therefore I learnt a lot about sourcing new materials to emulate the effect I wanted. Working with vegetable tanned leather for my male costume allowed me to expand my knowledge of techniques like laser cutting, leather stamping, wet moulding, dyeing, polishing, and riveting. I found the whole process of my FMP very enjoyable, all the way from design to completion. I designed these two costumes for film, and I hope to eventually be able to work in the film and tv industry.