Caroline Devonport

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

The theme for my Final Year was the Importance of Innocence and Virtue in the Long Eighteenth Century, I read contemporary novels and modern plays inspired by them. I spent time researching the social and historical aspects of the era, including crime & punishment, textile manufacturing & trade and the work & lives of women in the era. My research surrounded prostitution and its portrayal in art and writing at the time using symbols, motifs, and colour. I enjoyed the research process, especially visiting archives around the area. I developed costumes for four characters from three different texts. Moll Hackabout and James Dalton from the play A Harlots Progress, inspired by William Hogarth’s series of moral prints. Roxana, from Daniel Defoe’s Novel Roxana and The Sailor from John Cleland's Fanny Hill. I wanted to create costumes that would show a variety of styles and techniques. I was able to use both embroidery and print techniques as well as breaking down costumes where appropriate to make them look more authentic and weather-beaten. The costumes are all historically based designs for use on stage and have also given appropriate props, either made or sourced to finish them off.