Erin Wyn Williams

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my project, I selected ‘Myrddin y Wyllt’ , which translates to the well-known character of Merlin. The designs included in my final project are created for modern streaming television, something that’s becoming more dominant into today’s production outlet. This performance mode was a way to push my design work to attempt to interest a modern audience whilst still refencing historical garments. I choose this project to dive deeper into the history of Arthurian characters, specifically the concept of how Merlin originated in Welsh literature. Representing the history of Celtic Wales and its perhaps unknown culture, especially the decline of the material of wool and its effect on the agriculture industry. Researching into ancient Celtic symbolism alongside the beautiful nature of Wales allowed me to draw inspiration into every individual character. Alongside considering their chosen colour palette, silhouette & textiles. I thoroughly enjoy using digital platforms to create my designs whilst integrating experimenting mark making and rough drawings, alongside considering my textile components. My 4 years of studying, including a year within the industry learning key skills of being on set, has allowed me to find my strengths and excitement for my future in the costume industry