Isabelle Miners

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

I am a costume maker and embroiderer, with experience in design, print, dye and digital print. My project explores A Clock of Stars by Francesca Gibbons through immersive theatre.  

As research for the design and textiles element of the project I explored silhouettes from the Elizabethan, 17th century and 1940s. For textiles I took inspiration from the natural world, exploring butterflies and magpies for King Drakomor reflecting his collecting obsession and poisonous flowers to reflect Anneshka’s murderous intentions.  

During the making process I explored tailoring, stays making, period construction and explorative pattern cutting. For King Drakomor I took inspiration from doublets and 1940s coats, combining some historical pattern cutting with draping on the stand. I followed the same techniques for Anneshka. 

For textiles, I Remazol dyed all the dark blue velvet on King Drakomor's costume and designed all the digital prints. For Anneshka I used screen printing and foiling for the skirt, and a mixture of digital embroidery, stumpwork and goldwork for the collar and asymmetric bodice. 

Over my placement year, I spent time working at Leeds Playhouse as a wardrobe assistant, and hope to pursue a career in costume making and embroidery, in the theatre, film and TV industry.