Isobel Harpham

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final year project, I chose to work from the book series Throne of Glass,by Sarah J Maas. I created the design from the back cover of the fourth book. I have set the story in a pseudo-medieval Britain, a time period that resembles the Medieval era but isn’t always accurate, with the performance mode of film. I chose film as I feel this would best allow the costume to be seen in the detail I desired. For this project, my focus was on developing my embroidery skills, in particular goldwork, as textiles is my strongest area. Since being introduced to it in second year, I have always loved goldwork, and the way different techniques can be used for various areas of a design, to build up detail and texture. This is why I chose to create such a large embroidered piece, which has digital embroidery for the base, and then the vast majority of the design was filled in with a range of hand embroidery techniques, using goldwork metals and threads. This project has taught me a lot about embroidery, and how to overcome challenges when attaching a large piece to a garment.