Olivia Crabtree

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final project, I chose to redesign ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, as a theatre production. As the original cast were puppets, I found the transformation into human performers an exciting design challenge, as it required experimentation with a wide range of scale and silhouette to ensure the final costumes were both outstanding for the theatre setting and outlandish to express the high fantasy genre. As for non-speaking roles, I experimented designing for a range of small and large theatre puppets. Not just to achieve the characters unique size, compared to the human performers, but also pay homage to Jim Henson’s original all-puppet cast.

Highlighting Thra’s ever-changing environment, throughout this project, I took inspiration from a wide variety of plants, wildlife and marine species; mimicking their natural forms, textures and silhouettes across each characters design and textile sampling to create a range of pieces that showcase the best and worst in nature. Additionally, the contrasting colours and textures of each piece reflect each characters unique upbringing, habitat and enable each costume to camouflage on stage. Overall, the inclusion of natural forms brings attention to Thra’s dying environment and encourages audiences to reflect on our current climate crisis.