Bridget Lusk

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my Final Major Project (FMP), I chose to adapt, for film, ‘The Tropic of Serpents’ by Marie Brennan, the second book in her series ‘Lady Trent’s Memoires’. The series is a historical fantasy inspired by Victorian Britain. I chose to base my designs on the 1830s silhouette. I interpreted Isabella Camherst, the protagonist and future Lady Trent, and Tom Walker, her platonic friend and colleague. The two work together as dragon conservationists, researching and attempting to protect dragons from potential extinction. The pair’s love of dragons is reflected throughout their textiles. I chose to integrate modern textile techniques with the traditional 1830s silhouette to create the aesthetic of their fantasy world. Throughout my FMP, I aimed to push and further develop my construction skills. One way I chose to do this was to create traditional undergarments, including corded petticoats and stays. I also decided to work with materials, like waxed cotton, that I had not experienced before. I really enjoyed the entire process of the final year, from the initial research to completing my costumes. I intend to take forward the skills I have learnt into my future, as my aim after graduation is to make for TV and film.