Imogen Butcher

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my Final Major Project I explored ‘Hadestown’ by Anaïs Mitchell, a musical that intertwines two Greek mythological stories. I changed the era of the musical to 1920s America and the musical to film. I decided to create Hades and Persephone’s costumes. As both characters are from high class society, this allowed me to explore lavish silhouettes and detailed textiles techniques. During the research process I explored 1920s silhouettes focusing on evening wear for Persephone and military jackets for Hades. The textiles are inspired by the original tales of the characters. The mould-like beading, hand-made metal buttons and watercolour digital prints reflect the way Hades is slowly being corrupted by the decay and suffering he is surrounded by. Persephone’s textiles and hand-dyed dress draws upon the nature aspects of her story showing her as the goddess of spring and also as a fun-loving flapper girl. I wanted to challenge myself with using new construction techniques such as leather and metal work and cutting on the bias. I found the whole process of my FMP very enjoyable, from the design process to completion. I hope to gain further experience and continue my journey as a maker in the costume industry.