Kate Haggart

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final major project, I designed and made costumes from Baroness Orczy's book The Scarlet Pimpernel. I chose this book as I wanted to challenge myself to learn the construction methods & textile techniques used in the 1700s. To push my design skills, I incorporated the rococo art movement and modern haute couture that the 1700s had inspired. For the character of Sir Percy Blakeney, I took inspiration from landscape paintings and embroidery on English court jackets and waistcoats. I combined the historical silhouette with shapes inspired by rococo carvings; I experimented with a variety of pattern-cutting and tailoring methods to be able to achieve this. I used the ocean as the main inspiration for Marguerite Blakeney’s costume as well as the overarching rococo themes. I combined modern elements into this costume through the use of textiles. I used a digital print of smocking on the petticoat and a screen print of a rococo-inspired collage I had drawn. Throughout the construction process, I experimented with new techniques, including the use of piano wire, tailoring and stay and pannier making. I used new materials such as velvet and double-faced silk satin. I am looking forward to putting these skills to use in my future career in costume making