Lauren Thursby

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final year project I explored children’s fantasy adventure books. I researched and designed for the book “Who Let the God’s Out?” by Maz Evans in my own interpretation for a teen movie. engaging in themes of Greek mythology and constellation stars entering the human world.

The characters I constructed are constellation characters, Virgo and Cancer star signs. In my research these characters have their own individual themes through colour and their symbolism characteristics and I brought that out in my textiles design.
Every fabric you see were all originally white and has been dyed to a custom colour I chose. With the books timeline being set in present day I wanted to consider fashion and technical textiles by incorporating 3D printing within my textiles to create a fabric replacement. To my knowledge 3D printing is evolving and is being considered to be part of the costume industry and I’m hoping to learn more about in the future.

My goal was to let my textiles skills shine through print and embroidery and I can’t wait to develop them in this creative industry.