Yazmin Barella

Costume with Textiles BA(Hons)

For my final year project, I created a costume from the script of the 1985 film Clue, written by Jonathan Lynn and John Landis, based on the board game Cluedo. While I decided to keep the text set within the 1950s, as it is key to the social and political aspects of the story as well as providing clear parallels to more modern times, I also designed costumes as if there were a more extreme lens over the world as each of the characters enter the house where the main story takes place. I focused on themes of wealth, privilege and deceit, creating exaggerated shapes that make a character stand out and deflect and shield their secrets. These exaggerated and unusual shapes pushed my creativity and construction skills. To create the feathers, I digitally print the front and back, interfacing and fusing them before using the laser cutter to create the shape.