Alice Hendry

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

As a recent Fashion Brand Marketing graduate I am now striving to begin a career in the online fashion industry. Throughout my four years at the University of Huddersfield I have nurtured and built an impressive skill set along with a valuable year of experience with the online retailer, AX Paris. My portfolio offers carefully compiled work created in both a team environment and individually, portraying a blend of organisational, communicative and creative expertise. My time at university has established that my talents lie within digital marketing, campaign building and leading creative environments, which I believe will be of value to future employers.

Working as a social media and PR intern enhanced my confidence and self-versatility which pushed me to thrive in a challenging environment. This was shown in my role as social media presenter for the brand in which I hosted IGTV and live content to 300k Instagram followers, driving online growth for the brand. As I proved myself to the directors, my responsibility within the company grew, resulting in me heading up the social media department.

I am seeking a position within the digital marketing sector which allows me to achieve objectives and strive for the highest outcomes.