Ellena Ford

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Early in my University journey I learnt that I had a lot of interest in PR, social media and influencer outreach. Then, after my second year I got an internship at Sian Marie Fashion. The brand was at the start up stages, and I was hired to run the social media accounts and influencer outreach but also had the opportunity to do work at many different aspects of the business. My dissertation looked into New York fashion week since the 1990’s to the present day. Research looked at how the front row has changed, and the success and failure of different PR strategies American brands created over the past 30 years. My interest in PR continued into final major project. I created a PR agency which connects independent businesses with social media micro-influencers as a form of promotion. After placement year I saw the value in micro-influencers and how they hold the majority of engagement online. This sparked an idea of how they could help grow small businesses on a tight budget. I have had my work featured at Graduate Fashion Week and I’m currently searching for a job within the industry to do with social media and influencer outreach.