Ellie Gormley

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Through completion of my fashion brand marketing degree, I have built upon my skills and confidence in producing industry standard work and developed a strong sense of leadership within a project to meet specific deadlines and carry out key market research. University has given me the opportunity to enhance my creative flair, develop my knowledge regarding marketing and communication report building to support my career development and has highlighted where my interests and strengths lie which is within campaign building, social media and influencer marketing and content creation, allowing me to flourish within a creative environment. My final major project represents my understanding of current trends within the fashion industry. It was based around the use of AR technology to provide an innovative virtual ‘try on’ service for the established fashion brand Boohoo, in an attempt to solve the issues with sizing and reduce the harm excessive returns have on the environment when shopping online. My strengths throughout this project involved my forward thinking, suitability to work within a digital environment and my understanding of what was missing from the fast fashion industry and using this to create an innovative solution that utilised the ever growing Augment Reality sector. *This work has been produced purely as a university project*