Lauren Russell

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

As a recent Fashion Brand Marketing graduate, I am looking to start my career in the fashion industry. Throughout my four years of university, I have developed my own unique skill set, whilst also gaining a year’s valuable experience with Public Desire. My portfolio shows off carefully compiled but creative work, showcasing different aspects of my strengths through marketing campaigns, inclusive initiatives, social media, branding and all-encompassing campaigns curated to change the fashion industry. My portfolio provides evidence of organisational , communicative and creative expertise. My time at university has allowed me to establish that my talents lie within digital marketing, campaign building and leading creative environments, as well as curating exciting social content, which I believe will be of value to future employers.  

Working as a Marketing Assistant at Public Desire highlighted my own confidence and drive to succeed, which allowed me to thrive in challenging environments. I gained trust from directors as I took over the social media for a month launching a capsule collection across all social platforms, helping to drive engagement and excitement.  

I am seeking a position within the digital marketing sector which allows me to thrive and progress in my career.


* Note all brands, logos and imagery used here are all for educational purposes and part of my university project work.



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