Natalie Quinn

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

After several years of working in retail management and visual merchandising, I decided to pursue a new area of interest by applying for a Fashion Brand Marketing degree at The University of Huddersfield. At the time, one of the highlights of my career was opening a flagship store where I worked as part of team merchandising key trends. My degree has allowed me to further expand my industry knowledge, providing me with a vast array of tools including; how to research, market and promote a business effectively.


My university work and previous industry experience covers a wide variety of sectors, showcasing multiple strengths and skillsets and in my final year I have enhanced my creative outlook, refined my analytical eye and become increasingly more versatile across projects. My dissertation and final major project allowed me to specialise in an area that is becoming increasingly prevalent within the fashion industry. Across both projects, I focused on sustainable solutions for fashion retailers, including second-hand consumption and the implementation of circular economy business models.


I would love to work for a business that I can add my value to whilst continuing to grow and thrive within the industry.


*Note, Next was used as part of a univeristy proejct and is not in any way affliated with the brand.