Sophie Mulhall

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

I am a Fashion Brand Marketing graduate passionate about merchandising, social media and marketing. During my time at University, I have worked in a team and as an individual to create new and innovative pieces of work. My final year allowed me to focus on my strengths and interests, my dissertation helped me gain a better understanding of textile and fashion waste management to see what brands can do with unwanted garments. My final major project allowed me to use my skills on photoshop to create a social media campaign, advertising campaign and a re-branding of a company's logo to fit into a vintage inspired theme. I have worked as an e-commerce and social media assistant for Ax Paris and Oxfam. Both helped me increase my knowledge of two different industries. During my time at Oxfam, I was lucky enough to be put in charge of designer corporate stock, where I used my skills in trend forecasting, working to a customer profile, analysing stock and profit levels. This helped widen my numerical skills as well as my creative skills by coming up with new and innovative ideas for their social media account to boost following, engagement and impressions. I went on to raise just under £20,000 in 6 months.


*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are not linked to the brands.