Tia Mansfield

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Throughout studying a Fashion Brand Marketing degree, I have learnt various skills and techniques required to assist my future career in the social media, marketing and PR industry. For my dissertation, I researched the growth of the use of digital media marketing methods in the fashion industry, including social media campaigns, celebrity endorsements, virtual reality events and the use of augmented reality. For my final major project, I worked on creating an app for Australian accessory brand LOVISA. The app included advertising new products and sales. The app also features a customer check in point which would be activated in a LOVISA branch store gifting the customer with exclusive offers to their app. Also, a QR code camera access scanner for the user to scan a barcode in store and virtually try on various products in different styles and colours. During my placement year I worked as a Marketing Assistant for a fashion brand for which I was responsible for handling social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, customer communications and sales enquiries. After finishing university my confidence has grown in the work I create and present. I am an enthusiastic and goal inspired individual who is hard working, has a creative mind and excellent written and verbal communication skills.


*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are not linked to the brands.